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The process of collection of data and artistically arranging and executing them by follow set of guidelines for specific purposes are known as Web Designing. It can be understood as process in which the content is presented on electric web pages which can be accessed by the users at the other end with the help of browsing the web.

Web designers have to use various tools and software for the process of production which they are involved in. These tools which experts use are updated over the time by the changing standards.Technologies are used for the creation of websites include W3C standards like CSS and HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). So, many students pursue this subject to get better professional career. As in Today’s scenario, web designing is the fast growing area. This has a huge scope in the market.

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Creation of this page helps the student in choosing the designing of web change as the future career choice. Expert of the web designing helps the readers in making them aware of the most basic elements. Thus, helps the students to understand this web designing process easily. Experts also help in providing information regarding the career choice along with the courses to choose.

Constituents of Web Designing

Web designers use same format and constituents for the creation of varied types of web pages. We also follow the same format and elements with our added quality and content. The elements which web designers are using are all standardized across the world. There five key elements for the web page designing. These elements are as follows:


Graphics, texts and ads are arranged with the help of layout. Creation of web change with proper layout helps in arranging the information and making it easier for users to seek what information they want through a glance. Consistency, integrity and balance is maintained of the design through the layout.


Choice of color solely depends on the purpose and the clientele requirements. It can be multi-colored to white and black that reflects the purpose and personality of the person or the organization, through web-safe colors.


Logos, clipart, photos and icons are included in graphics and that enhances the qualitative content of the web design. Proper placing is important for making it more users friendly. Convenience of the user should be given priority; web designers should take care that the designs should not congest the web page or make the page slow to load.


Fonts help in enhancing the visibility and aesthetic quality of the web change. There are few selected web-safe fonts among which web designers to work within this widely accepted group.


Design, visual and content all together makes the page or site more artistic and capturing. This also helps in enhancing the message on the page. Content of the page should contain relevant information for promoting the product or message of the web page. Among all these elements, these should not be confusing and disorganized. It should provide enough information to the user to keep them longer on the web page. Optimization of the content should be kept in mind for incorporating relevant keywords for the search engine.

After following all these elements in placing them in proper format, web page is designed. But at the same time, this is only basic information for the beginners. There are lot more other activities and steps involved to create qualitative web page.

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