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ACC3162M Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC3162M Advanced Financial Accounting Description of Assessment Task and Purpose: You are required to submit an assignment, of no more than 2,500 words (+/- 10%), that responds to the following requirement: Comment Dr Nigel Sleigh-Johnson, Head of ICAEW’s Financial Reporting Faculty, said...

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MGT540 Management of Change

MGT540 - Management of Change Assessment item 1 - Presentation (Start-up Company Analyses) Value: 15% Length: Presentation plus 250 words (maximum) Submission method options: Alternative submission method TASK The first assessment will showcase your ability to examine change in an organisation...

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MBA402 Governance, Ethics and Sustainability

Subject Code: MBA402 Subject Name: Governance, Ethics and Sustainability Assessment Title: Code of Conduct Assessment Type: Code of Conduct Word Count: 2,000 Words (+/-10%) Weighting: 30 % Your Task You are required to research recent news articles and other information about ANZ Bank. Here ...

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Wind Power Engineering AE7201

Wind Power Engineering (AE7201) Title of Assignment: Tailored proposal for a wind farm Guide Length for Assignment: 6000-8000 Words (maximum18 pages), Excluding Appendix Assignment Brief: Design a wind farm on a site of your choice using Wind-Pro, e.g. near where youcome from, and prepare a repo...

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HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3

HI5002: Finance for Business Trimester 3 2018 Group Assignment Assessment Value: 30% INSTRUCTIONS Students are required to form a group to study, undertake research, analyse and conduct academic work within the areas of business finance covered in learning materials Topics 1 to 10 inclusive. Th...

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HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues

HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues Trimester 2 2018 Group Assignment Instructions for Preparation of Assignment: 1. Based on your topic given by your Lecturer, select two research-based journal articles relating to your topic. The articles you choose must cover a contemporary issue that...

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ACC703 Accounting Information

King’s Own Institute ACC703 Accounting Information Trimester 3, 2018 Individual Assignment (30% in total) A major component of the ACC703 course is the MYOB assignment that is an individual assignment. Yourindividual assignment will be assessed on three aspects of the assignment: MYOB...

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ACC702 T318 Managerial Accounting

ACC702 T318 Managerial Accounting Group Report: Performance measures, remuneration and motivation Subject Learning Outcomes (LOs) assessed (from Subject Outline): word count3500. Harvard(academic, peer-reviewed). Company:Virgin Australia Airlines. a) Analyse the roles of cost and managem...

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ACC701 Financial Accounting Individual Assignment

Accounting Financial ACC701 Individual Assignment A number of companies have gone into liquidation because they have not been able to meet their liabilities when they fell due. In Australia, there are some well-publicised examples such as Aluminium Boats Australia, HIH Insurance and Stella...

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FIN700 Financial Management

QUESTION `1. [6 + 6 + 4 = 16 Marks.] a) This is a two period certainty model problem. Assume that Dorothy Pixhas a sole income from Oz ElectronicsLtdin which she owns 15% of the ordinary share capital. Currently, she has no savings. In early December, 2018, Oz ElectronicsLtd reported net profi...

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