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Africa’s Regionalism for Trade Integration

50000 words Dissertation with 5000 words draft. The topic is regionalism for trade integration Dissertation involves econometric analysis The draft reflect all chapters @chapter 1-Introduction @chapter 2 -Lit review @chapter 3_study area @chapter 4-empiri...

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TECO602 Economic Environment of Business

Economic Environment of Business Question 1 Suppose that the components of planned spending in an economy are C=500 +0.8(Y-T), I=1500, G=2000, X=0, T=0.25Y, where t is the fraction of income paid in taxes (the tax rate). As we will see in this problem, a tax system of this sort serves as an auto...

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ECON 1016,Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics SECTION A This section contains five questions. Each question is worth 4 marks, with section total of 20 marks. For each question, explain whether the given statement is true, false or uncertain. Start your answer by selecting one of the options – “True”, “Fa...

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