Features of Turnitin checker

High-end Technology

The software is so perfect that it zeroes in on only the parts that are copied. However, heavily used words, phrases, synonyms, and the reference list are not considered.

Gargantuan database

Turnitin fishes out plagiarized parts by tallying your document with more than 70 billion web pages and approximately 69 million research articles, journals, and more.

Top-notch Privacy

Your document remains confidential because Turnitin does not upload it in its database. Furthermore, after checking you can delete your document whenever you want.

Fish out even the last trace of the plagiarized sections from your document with the help of the Turnitin checker.

Unlike the other plagiarism checkers, Turnitin successfully finds plagiarized sections in sentences that have been tweaked a little here and there, synonyms used, wordy sentences, or even when texts have been copied and assembled to give the sentence a new form.

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Students trust us because we assure no plagiarism, and no deadline fails. Only impeccable performance is what we deliver.

Turnitin knows it all!

Ace Technology

Turnitin Checker is amongst the best plagiarism checking software right now

Expert help

We have plagiarism experts who will happily clarify all your doubts via email, live chat, or call.

Language support

Not a shred of plagiarism can evade Turnitin. It can pull out plagiarized sections in many languages.

Supports several file formats

You have the privilege of uploading your file in .pdf, .doc, and .docx format. It is a breeze!

Plagiarism report in and out

Working procedure of Turnitin

1. Upload

You have to upload your file, any language is supported.

2. Plagiarism detection

Turnitin will tally your file with millions of other articles, research papers, journals, and more.

3. Report Card

All the similarities will be indicated along with the source from where they are copied. The plagiarism calculator will calculate the percentage of plagiarism in your file.

4. Plagiarism doctor

You can add references that you might have missed out on, consider restructuring your text. You will get all the knowledge from plagiarism doctors.

Why is Turnitin Checker your best companion?

Most other plagiarism checks eduwebexperts Plagiarism Checker
Easy-to-use plagiarism report
Advanced plagiarism detection software
Largest plagiarism database
Helpful support team
Safe and confidential
Plagiarism Knowledge Base
Direction to the web developer

Ready to detect and fix all plagiarism?

Up to 7.500 words

$ 14.95

7.500 to 50.000 words

$ 24.95

50.000+ words

$ 34.95

Know more about Turnitin

You can expect your document to be checked in 10 minutes (approx)

For documents that have more than 25,000 words, the Turnitin checker will take more time. However, you will get to see the approximate time on the overview page of your order.

After the checking is done, you will receive an email from our side.

Turnitin checker is a smart plagiarism checking tool that doesn’t have a shared database. Hence, getting a 100% match is out of the question as far as your assignment paper is concerned.

The corrected content will be the same as the report that your mentor will get. However, there will be two major dissimilarities:

A large number of resources

The Turnitin Checker is a student-friendly plagiarism checking tool. Hence, what you will receive will be a comprehensive report attached with pertinent information as well as more resources so as to keep plagiarism at bay.

You will not be able to enter private university databases

The Turnitin plagiarism Checker does not have access to any university database.

However, the Turnitin checker works accurately by tallying your document with other research papers, journals, web pages, and more that are available in the public domain.

It is intelligent software with elements of precision as far as checking for plagiarism is concerned. The factors such as content comparison algorithm, plagiarism detection technology, internet archive, and the content databases that contain several premier scholarly publications make this software stand out from the crowd and amps up its precision tenfold.

Yes, at all costs, the privacy of your documents will be maintained. Turnitin never saves or uploads documents in its databases or any public domain. It is a huge problem with other plagiarism checking tools. They tend to keep things saved in their database which is why privacy is compromised.

On top of this, Turnitin gives you the power to delete your documents whenever you deem fit. The document gets deleted forever, from the servers. Hence, if you want your document back, there is no way you can do it. So, it is advisable to delete the documents only after you have got your detailed plagiarism report.

Turnitin has access to the world’s largest and fastest developing databases.

  • Turnitin Tallies all your documents with more than 70 billion web pages (both existing and historical)
  • It further compares your documents with more than 69 million journals, research papers, articles that have been published by publishers like Springer, IEEE, Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Taylor & Francis, and the list continues.

However, please note that Turnitin will not be able to let you enter its global database. The global database can be accessed by universities, colleges, or educational institutions so that they can compare your document and approve it.

Turnitin checker can save your time by checking your assignment paper quickly. It also helps you to continue with a detailed analysis of the content that you have put in by scrutinizing the paragraphs, sentences, even words, synonyms, and more.

Turnitin checker can save your time by checking your assignment paper quickly. It also helps you to continue with a detailed analysis of the content that you have put in by scrutinizing the paragraphs, sentences, even words, synonyms, and more.

Other plagiarism checkers detect only 5% of plagiarized sections, while Turnitin can detect 24% of plagiarized sections. Plus Turnitin does not save any document to their database, many plagiarism checking tools can be pretty bad with the whole privacy of the documents.

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