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Profile of Macquarie University of Australia

In Sydney Macquarie University (MU) a popular public research University that founded in the year 1964. In the metropolitan area Macquarie University (MU) is the third University that established by the New South Wales Government. In the main campus of the University suburban Sydney, the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the Macquarie University Hospital located.


Professors, academic staff, students and graduates are important elements of Macquarie University. The roles and responsibilities are conferred upon different assigned section under the act of Macquarie University By-law 2005 and The Macquarie University Act. In this connection, it can be stated that University achieve its objectives and goals focused on the interaction of research and teaching, academic excellence, to promote research, to promote scholarship, free inquiry and so on. In the world, Macquarie University ranked among the top two percent Universities and the also got five star QS rating. According to the popular market recruiters, Macquarie producers best graduates in the world. From the website of the Macquarie University, we derived that decision makers of the organization has developed strategic framework in the year 2013. Under the futures strategic framework, the strategic initiatives unswervingly line up with the seven strategic priorities.

Priority one for the Macquarie University is transforming learning that means develop the long term teaching and learning strategy, priority two is the discovery that mean to guide Macquarie University, new strategic framework require to develop. Nature and size is the third priority as it helps to increase the understanding of the expectations of students. Furthermore, the University meets the needs by focusing on the graduate employability. Innovation Nexus is the fourth priority and vibrant campus and support services are examples of priority 5 as well as priority 6 and so on. In shaping the future heal of the economy, from across the industry, Government; Campus Macquarie University has established a pioneering approach. International Presence is the fifth priority of Macquarie University

Courses offered by the Macquarie University

The Macquarie University is offering the following courses. In this connection, we want to tell you that our organization offered more than the listed courses as all courses are not possible to include it. From our experience, Macquarie University offered more than three hundred courses and Macquarie University assignment help service offers more than four hundred courses.

List of all undergraduate course (approx 126 courses)

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies
  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice
  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with the degree of Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialization in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialization in Biology
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialization in Chemical and Bio molecular Sciences
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialization in Geology
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialization in Geophysics
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialization in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science with a specialization in Palaeo biology

List of all postgraduate courses (approx 149 courses)

  • Bachelor of philosophy or master of research arts
  • Bachelor of philosophy or master of research (business and economics)
  • Philosophy or master of research (human sciences)
  • Philosophy or master of research (medicine and health sciences)
  • Philosophy or master of research of engineering and science
  • List of all diploma, foundation and intensive sources

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