Career Episode Writing

What is Career Episode Writing?

Career Episode Writing is the most important step to write a successful CDR, Competency Demonstration Report. The engineers get the chance of showcasing that she or he has the all the competencies needed by the Engineers Australia for the Skilled Migration Visa by the Career Episodes. For writing a Career Episode Report, one must select the specific theme or incident associated with her or his career and academic like along with elaborating it of showing how specific competencies are used by the engineers for handling that specific project. 
Writing Career Episodes for the Engineer Australia need total command over the skills of the language along with a good grasp over knowledge and skills ion engineering. The experience of the candidate as an engineer has an important role to play to craft an impactful CDR. Career Episode writing helps in representing the experience and knowledge in their engineering which either can be from work experience or education. Every career episode must be on the basis of a distinct aspect or specific period of the activity of their engineering. It is necessary for providing evidence of the method of applying engineering skills and knowledge for the nominated occupation. Career episodes must be written in the language of their own with the usage of proper English. 

Why is it needed by students?

If a young or professional engineer wants to migrate to Australia, it is required of submitting three career episodes assessed by Engineers Australia (EA). An important role is played by the career episode to show their capabilities, knowledge, and skill in their field of engineering. It helps in demonstrating various aspects of the experience of their work. The candidates will be able to write their Career Episodes for academic projects that are done by them during their period of study as well as the projects done by them while working professionally for a certain company. However, in both the situation, there are certain procedures that must be followed to write a career episode. 
The engineers who do not have Engineers Australia from Australia must prove the competencies of them to the Institute of Engineers Australia (EA). Their competency is tested by them before permitting the engineers for working and living in Australia. Their aim is assuring that the candidates allowed by them must be capable of working in the Job Market of Australia without posing a liability to that country. Hence, the procedure of skill assessment is formulated by the Engineers Australia who is planning of immigration to Australia with the use of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The CDR has Three Career Episodes that are necessary to show the skills and knowledge of the engineering of the candidate from their internship program, last year of engineering, or associated program of work. The facts regarding the level of the Engineering can be measured by EA that is possessed by the candidate with the career episode.  Therefore, a proper drafted Career Episode is absolutely necessary is a candidate wants of making sure that they positively get assessed by Engineers Australia for immigration to Australia. 

Tips for writing great Career Episode Writing

The tips for writing excellent career episode reports are given below:
•    Such projects should be selected, which can show the significance of the organization as well as the work of the engineers reflecting their competencies and skills.
•    In academic projects, the projects that are selected should possess the scope of scalability in the future with an important role in the process of achieving and completing the desired objectives. 
•    All the activities of engineering that are done or were part of it must be included. There can also be the elaboration of the internship experience, projects as well as other competitions, etc. In these kinds of projects, there must be a clear highlight of the role played by the candidate. The assessors of the Engineers Australia look for the contribution of the individual instead of the efficiency of the entire project.
•    There can be the usage of the figures, charts, etc. for the elaboration of the role played by the engineer in their project. It should show clearly the technical procedure of their work as well as their role in that project.
•    Using active voice is quite mandatory in their report. For instance, “I calculated”, “I Prepared”, etc. 
•    Reference has to be taken from the high-quality samples given by the top websites as well as the experienced Writers. The samples approved before from Engineers Australia are best for the purpose of the guidance. 
•    EA is quite particular regarding the format of the career episode. So the information must be taken from the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet.
•    Random charts, graphs, and technical language must be avoided. Simple English language should be used which has relevant achievements, facts, details, etc. and each episode must contain 1000 to 12500 words.

Who are we?

We are the helpers in writing Career Episode in the CDR according to the guidelines stated in the booklet of MSA. We have well-trained writers, and they all are established to write reports since they have been through with this process quite long before and also they are working for us for helping the engineers. Three reports of the project must be submitted along with the resume for completing it. We make sure of delivering a better project along with updating the CV. Three career episode reports must be prepared along with CPD report and summary statement reports with Turnitin report for free to show whether or not the report is free from plagiarism
We write Career Episodes as Engineers Australia sees it as the chance for the visa candidate for demonstrating that they have the skills and knowledge essential for the employment category nominated by them to immigrate. We create professionals for the engineers to get their needs of the career episode writing covered in the mentioned deadline. Our skilled members of the team have qualified professionals who have adequate experience in the domain of the candidate. We have a track record of getting the report of our client accepted by the engineering authorities of Australia, so this opportunity should not be missed by them.

What are our specialities in Career Episode Writing?

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