Holmes Institute of Australia

Introduction To The Holmes institute Australia

Holmes Institute of Australia is a renowned education provider in multiple fields and it is a top education institution, offers different academic courses in Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training, Secondary Education and an English Language Centre also. The Holmes Education Group, has started their operation in Australia in the year 1963 as a commercial college. Gradually, they have joined hands with a number of Public Australian universities to deliver different Diploma and Degree courses to their enrolled students. The wide range of courses of the Holmes institute offers Bachelor degrees and Master degrees in Business Administration, Professional Accounting, Information System and many more. Holmes institute have very useful Vocational Courses in Leadership and Management, Hospitality Management, Commercial Cookery, Teacher Training, English Language Training which makes the students fit for the particular industry they opt for. They offer the courses for the secondary learning also. Holmes Institute provides best quality education to the students irrespective of nationality, gender or belief. Their advanced and student-centered courses help them to prospect.


Bachelor of Business (BBA)

This course consists of 16 core subjects and has an option of eight elective subjects. If students want to take Management, Bachelor of business marketing or International Business as major, the eight elective subjects must include 4 compulsory subjects designated for the opted major subject. Students can choose Management, Bachelor of business marketing or International Business – any one out of these three areas as their Major. These three areas are further consists of different modules. This is a 3 years course. The students with Major-Management will develop within themselves the art of negotiation and bargaining. They will be able to understand the individual behavior and group behavior in work places. Awareness will be created within themselves on organizational structures and their impact on performance will be known to them. They will surely develop the leadership skills required of a manager.
The students who will graduate with Major in Business Marketing will develop an intricate understanding of how, why and when consumers become influenced by marketing. They will have some innovative and attractive concept for developing new products and will be able to assess feasibility and commercial opportunities analytically. They will be able to understand the importance of logistics according to the customer needs. They will be able to have a comprehensive outlook of how communication tools of marketing can used to promote the services and products of a company. The students with Major in International Business will be provided with a complete knowledge of the dynamics which works in international business. They will have an idea of import-export trade and how to develop the markets, especially in the Asia- Pacific region. They will have thorough idea for the management related to international human resources. They will develop the effective skills to communicate across cultures. The Bachelor of Business course from the Holmes University is a very apt one in present competitive world and ensures a good future of the student.

Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA)

The degree for Bachelor of Professional Accounting from Holmes Institute is built in such a way that it provides a meticulous knowledge on accounting with a proper focus to theory and it meets the requirements of professional practice also. Those wishing to enter the accounting profession can opt for this degree as it offers comprehensive training in accounting and business. The training provided for the hard core professional fields of accounting, law and finance is designed having an influence of the context of the broad commercial which is associated with the business management. Students’ competencies are increased in business oriented perspectives with infusion of traditional accounting and finance studies. Graduates will be competent in the technical aspects of accounting with a competency in the theoretical part also. In addition to that they will also provide with developed communication and analytical skills important for equipping for the position of leadership in their business and professional lives. Graduates will be able to do forecast in financing. The accreditation of Holmes BPA is done by Chartered Accounts of New Zealand and Australia, Institute of Certified Management Accountants and the CPA Australia. There are 24 subjects offered in the course of the Bachelor of Professional Accounting with the time period of three years of part-time of full-time study. This degree has 12 compulsory subjects. This is a course of higher prospects and it is becoming one of the most demanding courses among students.

Bachelor of Fashion Business (BFB)

Holmes Institute is offering an integral course on Fashion Business for the future entrepreneurs and for a successful career in fashion industry. Holmes Institute of Fashion is offering everything that is needed to know about a fashion business. They are having two different courses in Fashion –
1. Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Business – This three-month course can accelerate the career in fashion business. Graduates of the undergraduate degree Undergraduate in Fashion Business develop essential skillsets across the fashion and business disciplines, and goes on to work in graduate roles across fashion management, social media management, and marketing and creative production
2. Bachelor of Fashion Business – This 2 year course unique degree program allows the students to explore a range of fashion business careers. Study of marketing, buying, merchandising, styling and more enables them to have a proper idea about the industry. The course includes elements of design theory, but has a stronger focus on other career pathways within the fashion industry. First year focuses on the fundamentals of fashion, with students exploring textiles, fashion history, business communication and digital skills. Second year develops a more holistic viewpoint of the industry as students learn the integral roles underpinning the industry, such as buying and merchandising, product management and accounting as well as branding and social media. At the end of the course students develop higher level critical thinking and product development skills as they can carry out their own fashion business project. This project is borne out of each student’s personal passion and serves as the basis of their portfolio once they graduate. The courses help the students in to understand the realities of a multifaceted industry and that is the key of future success. The faculties of Holmes Institute know the industry inside-out and so they can help the students to explore how different areas of the industry interact.

Bachelor of Information System (BIS)

The blooming industry of Information System attracts the youth in this sector and they can have a promising career in the sector if they get right guidance and knowledge in this industry. The Holmes Institute offers a 3 years full time course on Information System. The structure of the course has 14 core professional subjects, 18 core subjects, 6 elective subjects, and 4 core subjects. The students are provided with the exposure of the basic knowledge in the subjects associated with both business and IS along with the provision of a flexible method of changing major after completing 4 core subjects. The course consists of 9 subjects in Year 1 and 2 levels for Information System. These subjects have technical aspects enabling the students with a strong base of the skills and knowledge associated with Information systems.

In Project Based Learning of Holmes, students are going to be enriched with practical experience that is associated directly with the outcomes of BIS course Learning. In the analysis of a real case study, students will be learning to solve difficult problems with the help of collaboration, presentations, and team discussions. In Virtual or Simulations Situated Learning Environments, various platforms may be used by the students like Blackboard. The platforms for Simulations will be Monte Carlo, DPL 8, SAP Lumira, and Oracle Cloud Platform. Students will be equipped with the knowledge of simulations.

Graduate Diploma in Business (GDB)

Holmes Institute is offering a Graduate Diploma in Business which gives a global perspective in business, enhancing options in career and makes the way of taking on to MBA. The course of post-graduate has the skills and knowledge needed in the current environment of global business. This is made for both the managers as well as the aspiring candidates for the managerial post. This course will be completed in one year over two periods of study and it is full time. After completing this course, the entrance to the Holmes MBA will be guaranteed and it can be finished only in 6 months of further full-time study. The course is structured with four core units (Statistics for Business Decision-Making, Economics for Business, Finance for Business, Accounting for Business Decisions) and four elective units. There is a constant evolution in the world of business with problems, like increasing competition, greater global mobility, and changing technology. Being a business professional or owner, one must have the understanding of the core principles of business that can be helpful in succeeding and staying ahead in the current fast-paced world. The program involves study in budget control and finance, business strategy, and marketing. The aim of the course is to develop graduates as independent confident managers who can sort out the problems for the business in an innovative way with proper analysis. Graduates are in high demand in sectors like finance and accounting, human resource management, marketing or entrepreneurship. Setting up a small business might be chosen by the graduates as the self-employed entrepreneurs. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Holmes’ Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed for providing skills and knowledge blended with present practice in business in the advanced study course for graduate students as well as experienced officials of the managerial post. The main goal of this course is of developing the graduates so that they are capable to generate innovative and strategic solutions to business problems with some intricate analytical skills. The strong focus of this course is on the knowledge and skills needed for becoming a manager in this fast-paced world of business. The faculties are exceptionally qualified with the knowledge of the industry and they are experienced in the Australian University as well as abroad. There are 12 units in the MBA taken over 3 periods of study.

The students are allowed to exiting from the course of MBA after two periods of study after getting qualified for the Graduate Diploma for Business Award consisting of eight awards. 4 core units should be finished along with 4 four elective units selected from any place in the MBA.

Eight core units are there in the MBA. These are Business Research, Statistics for Business Decision Making, Competitive Strategy, Organizations and Management in a Global Environment, Marketing Management, Economics for Business, Finance for Business, and Accounting for Business Decisions. Every student should finish the core units and they may select either completing the MBA with the general electives in Management and Business or completing a specialization. The specializations present in the MBA are concentrated in the fields of Accounting and Finance and International Business and Enterprise.

Graduates with MBA have a high demand in the public sector as well as large and small corporations. Setting up a small business might be chosen by the graduates as self-employed entrepreneurs. Networking opportunities are created for the students oriented of achievement delivering a strong return for graduates on investment.

Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)

The aim of the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) is to establish in graduates the professional ethics, skills, and processes that will be needed by the students for establishing themselves as the accounting profession. Notably, the graduates will be capable of creating value for the clients or employees by synthesizing entirely suitable outcomes, controls, actions, options, strategies, and applications for resolving present concerns and for anticipating and avoiding complications in the future arising by the concerns and their concerns. The MPA has been designed for the students’ rapid progress by a working understanding of the body of tools, knowledge, regulation, and ethics as well as its associated disciplines. It is designed for developing skills, in evaluating and analyzing the rapidly complex evolving problems that affect the modern businesses, government, and NGOs and for initiating awareness of as well as a strong beginning to develop professional ethos, obligations, and attitudes required by the Accountants for sustaining on the lifelong basis.

Holmes Institute feels proud to welcome students to their Master of Professional Accounting. This degree of masters is custom-designed with the help of the inputs by the professionals and faculty in the area. Such a combination of professional and academic knowledge has led to the contemporary course associated with international business’s current environment. With the combination of the core professional accounting subjects with a powerful foundation in the general business, this course will help ensure graduates to the students with a wide range of competencies and skills needed for success in a career in business and accounting. The graduate students will be competent professionals in the technical as well as theoretical aspects of accounting. They will also be provided with well-developed communication and analytical skills important for equipping them for leadership positions in their business and professional lives.

 MPA’s core subjects include Accounting for Business Decisions, Finance for Business, Economics for Business, Managerial Accounting, Strategic Information Systems for Enterprise and Business, and Corporate Accounting.

The Professional Recognition Subjects of MPA are Accounting Theory and Current Issues, Audit, Assurance, Compliance, Business, Corporate Law, and Taxation Theory, practice, and law. The Research Focus Subjects of MPA are Statistics for Business Decisions and Business Research.

The accreditation of Holmes Masters of Professional Accounting is done by Chartered Accountants New Zealand and Australia, Institute of Certified Management Accountants, and CPA Australia

Master of Information Systems (MIS)

Holmes Institute has been established in the year 1963, along with 50 years of the expertise and experience to deliver post-secondary education to domestic and international students. The pursuit and dedication of excellence for the students have resulted in Holmes developing Master of Institute Systems.

The course of MIS is designed for developing ethically and socially responsible professionals, and they have the strong ability to support, manage, and change business procedures by information systems. They will also possess valuable transferable skills to solve business problems, project management, innovative professional practices, and collaboration supported by applying theory, framework, and models.

There is constant pressure on the organizations to address and take advantage of the constant changes in information and communication technologies (ICT).

Vocational Programs

Leadership and management

The students are provided with practical skills and knowledge in the Diploma of the Leadership and Management needed to perform the role by an employee who is capable of using well-developed skills and a wide knowledge base in various contexts. By completing the course, the students will be capable of analyzing and evaluating information from multiple sources and providing guidance and leadership to others. The fields of study covered involve self-management, leadership, financial numeracy, communication skills, emotional intelligence, the processing of the information in business, and the delivery of services and information to customers.

Understanding the method of prioritizing, networking, and using technologies for accessing, organizing, and monitoring information is helpful in demonstrating the comprehensive characteristics of the Diploma of Leadership and Management. By the end of this course, students will be provided with the competencies for applying as the Junior Manager in various business contexts in multiple industries.

All the students are nurtured by highly qualified professionals and lecturers having the ultimate focus to succeed. The student who completes the Diploma of Leadership and Management, along with the individual units, qualifies for applying for credits transfers and the exemptions in the course at Holmes Institutions and other various institutions. By completing the course successfully, the students will be capable of entering the 2nd year of Bachelor of Business at Holmes.

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management helps in setting for good management skills, focusing on productivity, leading individuals, and recognizing the significance of allocating work for meeting budget and time constraints. In this course, developing good communication skills is highlighted with business contacts and assessing information for relevance and accuracy and work colleagues.

Diploma of Hospitality Management

For the individuals who want their career in Hotel Management, having emphasis upon management, every aspect of the employment is covered in such an exciting industry.

Moving to the theoretical from practical and on the management issues, the graduate students will be provided with a piece of complete knowledge regarding the intricacies of the Hospitality Industry, Financial Management, Customer Service, and People Management. This industry will be helpful in offering a rewarding and secure career path in the area of management of hospitality management. By studying Hospitality at Holmes Institute, the students will be prepared for a successful dynamic field career. 

A well-balanced program is offered by the course having a powerful emphasis on the practical hand on the training that is complemented with relevant theoretical subjects of hospitality. All the students are sure to have the skills needed for the entrance in this excellent industry by this course.

Throughout this course, there is a continuous assessment with the use of the range of tools of assessment that involve class activities, workplace simulation exercises, tests, quizzes, practical demonstrations, case studies, and assignments.

Entry Requirements

The students are expected to complete senior high school or the equivalent before commencing to the diploma.

Students who are finished with relevant studies or are having the experience that may be deemed equivalent to this course are capable of applying for RPL. Entrance in the vocational program needs a level of English, which is equal to IELTS 5.5 or the Upper Intermediate at the English Language Centre of Holmes. The students who do not possess evidence of their English Language level and who are provided with a conditional offer of a place that depends on their English level should assess their English ability before commencing to this course.

Commercial Cookery

This course is for the student who wants their career in Hotel Management having their emphasis on kitchen management and commercial cookery. It covers every aspect of employment in such an exciting industry globally. The movement to the theoretical from practical and then to management issues, the graduate will be provided with a piece of complete knowledge regarding the intricacies of Commercial Cookery. A well-balanced program is offered by the course having a powerful emphasis on the practical hand on the training that is complemented with relevant theoretical subjects of hospitality. All the students are sure to have the skills needed for the entrance in this excellent industry by this course.

This industry will help offer a rewarding and secure career path in the commercial cookery of the hospitality industry. By studying commercial cookery at Holmes Institute, the students will be prepared for a successful dynamic field career. 

For entering into this program, the students are expected to complete senior high school or the equivalent before commencing to a diploma.

Students who are finished with relevant studies or are having the experience that may be deemed equivalent to this course are capable of applying for RPL. Entrance in the vocational program needs a level of English, which is equal to IELTS 5.5 or the Upper Intermediate at the English Language Centre of Holmes. The students who do not possess evidence of their English Language level and who are provided with a conditional offer of a place that depends on their English level should assess their English ability before commencing to this course.

For the successful completion of this course and to get rewarded with the Certificate, the students must complete a period of the work placement for the demonstration of their ability to perform to the needed standard in the place of their work.

What may assistance academics require while pursuing the abovementioned courses from Holmes?

The students who are first-time freshmen should submit the official transcript of high school from the accredited regionally high school that shows the date of graduation, the type of the course of diploma along with the signature of the official from school. Each of these has to be submitted to the Admissions Office from the high school or delivered in a sealed envelope of the school.   

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