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What is meant by Literature Reviews Assignment Help?

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What is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a paper that focuses on a bundle of published information in a specific subject area, for a fixed period of time.

The aim of a literature review is to provide the reader a better understanding of the present published information in a particular field by summarizing the major developments in that field using research articles limited to that particular subject.

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What is it not?

A literature review does not refer to writing on or summarizing a book of stories or poems. Instead, it refers to the collection of work on a specific topic. People often do a mistake of considering it as a book review. The review section of this assignment also does not refer to giving an opinion on the collection of materials. A literature is not an interpretation bibliography which asks you to shortly summarize the discovered articles.

Literature review any different from academic papers?

Well yes, a literature review generally asks the author to look at the research of others and  contextualize, summarize and analyze the research, rather than ask the author to produce a new argument, research, and contributions to the given subject. The aim of the author in an academic research paper is to create a new argument that you support from many different sources (original experiments, research, basic source, current literature, etc.). A literature review might be one small section of your academic paper i.e. it supports you to lay the foundation for your own first-hand analysis instead of new basic research.

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