Summary Statement of CDR

What is Summary Statement Writing?

Essentially, the summary statement refers to the summation of the CDR Report, and it must be prepared in such a way that this should be understood in a glance by the Engineers Australia. Hence it need not go through the whole report and can be found out the things easily they are searching for. For that, the cross-reference of the paragraphs must be provided, which is written in every career episode. For every three episodes, there is a requirement of only one summary statement.  At the time of the writing Summary statement, the candidate needs to be careful of mentioning every achievement as well as information connecting them to the proper episodes in the section of the CDR. It will be helpful in providing the successful completing well-spun Summary statement. This is the first step to have a promising profession in any type of specialized institution. This summary statement is the part of the CDR Report that should be submitted to the Engineers Australia for assessing engineering skills. This should be written in the tabular form in which the competency elements have to be listed and must be well-connected with the episodes in the Competency Demonstration Report. At present, there are four categories as per the Engineers should prepare the CDR. These are Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, Engineering Manager, and Professional Engineer. There is a difference in the template as prescribed by the Engineers Australia which should be made as per the selected format. 

Why is it required?

Non-Australian Engineers have high-technical acumen, and they are welcomed for sharing their expertise and working across the boundaries of geography. When it is aspired by them for building their career in Australia, they are also welcomed similarly. However, a pre-requisite has been established by the Engineers Australia for allowing the same. Every Migration Visa is evaluated by them based on the CDR report submitted by them. The CDR Summary Statement is considered to a one-pager that can summarize that Career Episodes and helpful in aligning the events precisely with the competency indicator the candidate wants to highlight. For that, it is quite necessary while making a Career Episode numbered diligently with the marking of the paragraphs. Shortly speaking, the Summary Statement refers to the quick window to the elaborate Career Episodes in which a keen interest is shown by the assessors in that. It refers to the tabular representation of the competency indicators showing precise mapping having particular paragraphs of the Career Episodes.

What are the Tips for writing exceptional Summary Statement Writing?

Summary Statement must be provided with importance since this is a paragraph which must be cross-referenced effectively with the CDR Report for the provision of the clear demonstration of the competency. All career episodes should be tabulated in the summary statement. The following is the format that should be provided in the summary statement in order to do the work appropriately.

 •    Skillset and Knowledge:
    The comprehensive and detailed theory of the engineering and physical sciences of the Engineering discipline. 
    The conceptual understanding as per the engineering discipline in the domains, such as Numerical Analysis, Statics, Computer and Information Sciences, and Mathematics. 
    As per the engineering disciple of the candidate, they must possess adequate knowledge regarding specialist bodies.

 •    The ability of engineering application:
    Designing of certain methods which results in the solving of the complicated engineering issues. 
    The eloquent techniques and tools in the particular field of engineering
    Every design and synthesis processes as per the particular field of engineering of the candidate
    The efficient, systematic approach of the application provides conductance for managing engineering projects.

 •    Personal and Professional Characteristics:
    The answerability of the humane and professional
    The compelling and efficient communication in the specific domain of engineering
    Creative, prolific, and inventive attitude
    The appropriate professional management as well as sorting information of the data
    The professional conductance in the appropriate and orderly way

It is recommended and advisable of covering many points as possible in the CDR Report for the showcasing the achievements and capabilities of the engineering in the CDR. The Summary statement should be written in such a way so that it gets accepted at the very first glance and approved by the Engineering Australia. At least of the two points of the skill base and knowledge and personal and professional attributes and should be provided along with three points of the engineering achievements and abilities so that the mark can be left on the community of the assessor. One of the very common errors made in the Summary Statement is pointing or missing the incorrect paragraph in the form of reference that indicates the lack of attention, and incapability of organization and analysis.

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