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Education in UAE has been made as to the top priority by the government for the growth of the economy a creating a competitive economy based on knowledge. The government has utilized its petrol dollars for increasing rates of educational attainment as well as establishing a relatively high-quality system of education. Education was envisioned as the key element of the modernization of the economy by the first president of UAE, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan.
The reflection of the prioritization can be seen in the present strategic plan of UAE for 2017 to 2021, and it seeks of raising the rate of upper-secondary graduation to 98%. In October 2018, Madrasa was launched by the UAE which a free eLearning platform is providing 5,000 Arabised videos in physics, chemistry, biology, math, and general science. 
Top Courses

The following are the courses offered in the universities of UAE

•    Accounting, Finance, and Banking: This course has a long career path to it. These training courses will be helpful in igniting the career path of the students. In such a category, training courses offered would be found in the major areas of banking, finance, and accounting as well as training options for various software or applications also, like Peachtree, Tally ERP, and Sage. 
•    Aviation: This industry is a broad maximum number of aviation academies, colleges, and schools are situated in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 
•    Beautician: People in the UAE spend a large amount of money on beauty care services and products. There are various well-reputed institutes of a beautician in UAE that offer multiple beautician courses. 
•    Business management training: This is a wise choice for the candidates who want to fast-track the career or wish of learning the facilities and traits to start a business of their own. The current training courses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are designed for providing sufficient skills and knowledge required for managing a large or small scale business.
•    Engineering: It is a beneficial field promising a lucrative career. Due to the importance of this field, UAE does not differ as compared to other countries if it about the list of the top colleges for engineering in UAE. 
•    Fashion Designing: Dubai is honoured as one of the fashion capital all over the world, and here the budding fashion industries are provided with the opportunity. There are various fashion designing colleges in Dubai to learn multiple kinds of courses related to fashion, such as fashion designer courses, fashion illustration, jewellery making, tailoring, etc. 
•    Health and Safety: This course is in great demand in UAE since the awareness for safety and healthcare has grown across the world. 

Stress students face while perusing their academic career

The system of education also has a vital role to play to enable role subsequently that leads to increased stress levels experienced by the student. Specific sources are system to grade semester, the vastness of syllabus, assignment writing, etc. Common academic stressors involve course-related pressures and competition in class. Stress is a multi-faceted construct that is impacted by multiple factors. Academic stress includes mental distress about anticipated academic failure or challenges as well as the fear of the possibility of the failure of academics. 

Tips for students to write excellent and scoring academic papers

An academic paper is quite different from the kinds of writing written by the students in high school. This is not only about typing the ideas on the computer, but this process is also very involving, and hence difficulties are often encountered by the students. This process entails comprehensive research of the credible resource, in-depth analysis, changing content and structure, planning, proofreading, editing as well as formatting. Before involving in the process of writing, the students must have knowledge about the rubric and guidelines of their academic papers. 
Writing academic papers need a lot of effort and time as it must perform three main functions: intrigue the readers; reflect the main idea of the content and sound interesting. The students should create a brief as well as informative name by which the reader would be helped with having a vivid picture regarding the work. The heading should be made catchy by taking the help of impactful hooks. We offer USA assignment help USA Assignment Help. The academic papers should be made concise and clear and insignificant words should be avoided. 
•    Pace yourself: Many students begin their papers one night prior. The professors give the assignments at the beginning; hence the candidates are provided with sufficient time for planning, researching, writing, and revising a paper. That time should be taken as an advantage for producing a better paper with minimum stress.
•    Plan, then write: An outline must be made by the students which can be a mindmap, a mental picture, a statement of purpose, or a list of the points of the finished paper. 
•    Proofreading: This step is quite essential as it will help in checking any errors in the academic paper. This error can be major or minor, which can be rectified before the provided deadline with the help of proofreading.
•    In Conclusion: It should be made sure by the students that they are leaving an extraordinary impression at the end of their academic paper.

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