5 life Changing Books That Every College Student Must Read

Inspiration and motivation are two vital factors that keep every college student going because combating the student year blues can be so overbearing. If you are a college student, you will know how difficult it can be to manage everything single-handedly such as studies, examinations, assignment papers, and more. Students who are struggling with studies, curriculum, and stuff, could use some extra help by reading books and novels. Reading is a good exercise that helps you to relax and focus on the finer things in life. Well, if you are worried about the literature review that you have to submit in a week, we are here with our top-notch literature review assignment writing service to get your job done in the blink of an eye! We can provide economics assignment help also, so the bottom line is to keep everything aside, grab a book, a cup of coffee, find the cozy corner in your room, and delve into the realm of relaxation.

In this blog, we will discuss five life-changing books that every college student must read and not let anything come in their way of achieving enlightenment. It is your time to grow and learn new things. So, if leadership assignment writing is keeping you from reading a good and insightful book, make sure to remember us. We will write your assignment while you enjoy every line of the novel of your choice. 

  • The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma – This inspirational story talks about a man who could never find fulfillment in life even though he had everything but, when he walked on the path of salvation and took up monkhood, his life changed. The book deals with a lot of delicate aspects of life. One such part that we all must try to understand is, material happiness is transient. What stays with us is the happiness of the soul and the mind but, the irony lies in the fact that we all focus on material happiness that is quite perishable. The book is not only inspirational but also shows the hard-hitting realities of life. Give it a try to understand the depth of what was, what is, and what can be.
  • Failing Forward: Turning mistakes into stepping stones for success by John C. Maxwell – Wise men always say “failure is the pillar of success.” and this book deals with that quite precisely. The idea of not being obsessed with success is the primary message that this book delivers. Life is hard for all of us, it is okay to fail, and it is okay to be not okay all the time. You just need to know how to get up and get started for all it takes is a leap of faith and a bold step forward. Students, who are facing failures, suffering from an identity crisis, and skating into the oblivious dungeon called depression can just stop for a minute, pick this book up and read it. You have to take breather folks, remember that nobody is perfect, god himself is imperfect, and so are we, his children. Instead of letting the failures get the better of you, find inspiration to turn around and fight like a brave heart to come out as an achiever because our failures help us grow and learn.
  • How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie – This is a self-help book which has helped thousands of people come out of their shell and connect with their peer. Building a connection with someone is not as difficult as some think it might be. Navigating through relationships and understanding the depths is yet another intriguing aspect that this book deals with. Having an amiable demeanor can fetch you more connections than you can think of, plus you can have meaningful conversations with people. The book speaks about the essential aspects of how a person can have a long-lasting effect on another. Although the publication of this book dates back to 1936, the matter is relatable even today. As social media continues to grow, the importance of this book will be even more understood in today’s context. The book can work like magic for your leadership assignment because a leader must be an influencer, a great orator, a person who values and can develop relationships fast enough.
  • A brave new world by Aldous Huxley – You must have heard of “negative Utopia” right? This book is so relatable today, a world where happiness is held high but when it comes to individuality, things change quite fast and for the worst. There are many questions that the author asks you, but not directly. Can you remain happy just like the others are? Can you go against the system and revolt? What is more critical to you, as a young person to remain silent and be like others or uphold the importance of individuality above all? Accepting the way things are or the ways of the world is easy, but is it okay? Not always, perhaps! 
  • Lolita by Nobokov – Yes, the content in this book can be regarded as controversial but, still the question remains, does it not teach anything? Of course, it does, it does teach a lot. The famous line from Lolita, “I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever; but I also knew she would not be forever Lolita.” talks volumes about sacrifice, understanding, the importance of forgiving, and so many other finer aspects of life that we all should learn to inculcate in our lives and implement those for real.

Take business finance assignment help from us, and in the meantime, you can take pleasure in reading the books mentioned above that will teach you vital lessons in life that you must understand. Curriculum, studies, assignments, vivas, etc. are necessary but do not let these hamper your mental well-being. Take some time off to indulge in things you like and read as much as you can. It will help you, dear!

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