How to deal with ‘delay in project submission’

Student life is characterized by ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘lively spirit’. However, in the academic field students do not get into their ‘high energy’ mode, until the last day of ‘project submission’ comes and a delay in submission becomes the obvious consequence. However, it is also true that often some genuine circumstances become the reason behind the late submission of projects. it is also true that earning permission or a chance for a delayed submission depends on your ability to write a convincing apology letter. Here, I am going to devise you with the appropriate format of a persuasive apology letter along with tips for restricting the dreadful consequences of a delay.

Sample letter of apology:


Address of the person receiving:

Subject: Letter of Apology for the unintentional delay in the submission of the Project (or assignment)

Dear (Sir/ Ma’am)

I would like to convey my heartfelt apology for this unintentional delay to submit the project (assignment). I was indeed aware of the deadline of the project. As stipulated by you the final date of submission of (project or assignment name, module name, if any) was yesterday (date). I would like to inform you of the obstacles I confronted while doing the project. This would help you understand the actual reasons for the delay.

My sister had a massive injury due to an accident. As the older sister, I had to run to the hospital and fulfill all formalities of her admission to the hospitals. I invested time in taking care of her and eventually missed the deadline for this project. Kindly accept the project which I have submitted today. All through the course, your motivation helped me to achieve good grades. I beg for your support at this moment of emergency. I am assuring you that I will not conduct any such mistakes further.

Heartfelt Apology and Regards

(Name of the sender)

 Some pro tips for preventing dreadful consequences of delay:

Covey your problem beforehand:

AS soon as you confront any hurdle while proceeding with your project or assignment, convey all to your tutor. Suppose you were having health problems and you assumed it would be cured much before the submission and you would have enough time to complete the project. Now, if you nourish such baseless assumptions and decide not to convey your tutor about your problem; you may end up causing delay and representing yourself as a ‘careless’, ‘irresponsible’ student.

Again, if you look at the other side, you will realize that a submission delay can create a ripple of negative effects. For instance, when you submit your assignment or project late a delay in checking and submitting your marks to the department in charge of the final result will occur. The department may ask your tutor to show the causes of the delay. In this situation, the lack of prior response and evidence from your side; may instigate them to mark you ‘fail’.

Clear and consistent communication to provide continuous updates:

Even if you are unwell, or cannot start the project for some other reason, carry on transparent communication with the tutor. Share your current status of the project and challenges in front of you along with ways adopted by you to deal with the challenges. Show how you are striving every day to eliminate all constraints in the path of the initiation or completion of the project and ask for support if you end up submitting late. Such consistent and regular communication will make your tutor realize your seriousness for the assignment and minimize the negative impacts of the ‘delay in submission’.

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