Presentation is Important

Why presentation is important for students

The presentation can be expressed as a set of skills and abilities that help an individual transmit their views and thoughts with clarity, interpret the audience’s mindsets, and transmit the messages with a clear vision.  These skills will enhance your persuasive powers and clarify the way you deliver your messages to the audience. In this modern era where technology is advancing day by day, Presentation skills are one of the most fundamental elements and skillsets that every student must have and need to improve along with the soft skills.  A person with good academic certificates can’t excel much if they do not have good presentation or communication skills. When we meet a person for the first time, we initially don’t check how much qualified they are. The main focus is on how he is interacting or talking. The use of proper gestures along with the presentation is also essential. Presentation is important in every sector such as college, university and in working place as well.

Why presentation skill is important

●       Helps an individual to enhance his or her growth opportunities.

●       Improves the level of confidence as a presenter.

●       Create innovative ideas

●       Improves body language and proper use of gestures.

●       Helps in gaining more knowledge.

Cause of Ineffective Presentation

●       Improper designed slides.

●       Too many details.

●       Lack of proper motive.

How to Improve Presentation Skills

●       Check the place before giving any presentation, the microphone, the lighting etc.

●       Do proper research about the audience before presenting.

●       Practice!!  Practice a lot before presenting.

●       Be well organized.

●       Use real-life examples and personal stories. It will make things much more attractive and connected.

●       Ask Questions and make sessions interactive.

●       Speak loudly, clearly and with a proper pause between two sentences.

As we all know, there is no shortcut to anything, so it is also applicable, a good presentation skill starts with proper planning, which includes- who is your audience? What is your goal?, Where will it take place?. Presentation is important to portray a proper plan in short time and it also shows how professional you are. Then starts the preparation, which consists of proper visual aids, voice, appearance etc. It is important to keep in mind that proper structure is followed, i.e., proper use of objective, introduction, content, summary, conclusion, and recommendations. Then comes the main thing that is practice, rehearse all the points that you are presenting. Then comes the final stage, i.e., the real presentation. Try to make proper eye contact, try to engage with the audience, and show your calibre.

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