Ways to write resumes for graduate school

Ways to write resumes for graduate school

At the time of applying for graduate school students submitting just the application is not enough. You need to attach a compelling CV or resume with the application. In your resume for graduate school, you need to provide a brief overview of all the educational achievements and internship experiences that are relevant to the course you intend to pursue. The sections that you will include in your graduate school resume depend on the relevant experiences that you have achieved as well as the focus of the course you desire to pursue.

However, there are some basic sections that you can include in your resume for graduate school. They are:

ü Educational achievements during college

ü Work or internship experience which are relevant

ü Voluntary as well as extra-curricular experience which is relevant

ü Any kind of honors achieved, publications, rewards, or other sorts of achievement having relevance with the course you wish to pursue

ü Relevant certification, skills as well as memberships, if any.

A graduate school resume has some basic differences from any regular resumes. In a regular resume, you highlight all your training, internships, prior work experience, various skills learned, and extracurricular activities in multifarious fields along with personal information and education. On the other hand, in your graduate school resume, you have to put a greater emphasis on your educational details as well as academic interests which have some kind of compatibility with the next educational program you are going to join. In this way, in your resume for graduate school, you need to represent yourself as a suitable candidate for the specific course you wish to be enrolled in.

Here, I am representing some easy-steps to design a perfect resume for your graduate school.

Step: 1 Prepare the structure and layout first:

Before drafting a graduate school resume formulate a structure for your resume so that information is represented in an organized way.

If you intend to apply for a research-focused course, in the field of humanities, science, or social science, you need to stress on your academic achievements including publications, fellowships, rewards, teaching experiences and so on.

If you want to apply for a program which is a professional the program, the emphasis should be on the work experience you have gained, internship programs you have participated in, practical skills earned and so on.

The layout for your graduate resume needs to be clean as well as simple. Moreover, the headings for each section needs to be in the same font and size.

Step: 2 Headings should be made based on personal information:

At the top of the graduate school resume, you need to mention

ü Name of the candidate

ü Address of the candidate

ü Email-address of the candidate

ü Phone number

At the end of this section, you need to provide a brief overview of your objectives. You may also summarize your background at the end of this section.

It is essential to include social media profiles that are relevant. For example – LinkedIn, Research Gate, Academia.edu and so on.

Step: 3 Detailed educational qualification:

Begin with educational history. Provide the details of each program you have completed in reverse chronological order. All the points you need to include in this section are:

ü Degrees achieved

ü College as well as the location

ü Month and year of graduation



Step: 4 Showcase other job experience skills as well as achievements as per their relevance:

You need to state the overview of the professional as well as the voluntary experience that you have achieved. For instance, if you have experience in teaching put it under relevant headings. In this context, make sure that you design a resume where all the distinct experiences like an internship experience, job experience, and voluntary work experience can be segregated under respective sections.

Organize all the information in reverse chronological order and include the following points under each heading:

Ø Job title

Ø Date of employment

Ø Name of the organization along with location

Ø List of responsibilities performed


Finally, conduct minute proof-reading after you have completed the drafting of the ‘graduate school resume’ and save it as a pdf.


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