Your Guide to Academic Writing

A formal writing style is alternatively known as academic writing. College or university assignments, projects, cast upon a ‘formal’ appeal as they are written using an academic style of writing. In order to gain a better understanding of the academic writing style think about the books, journal articles as well as scholarly publications. Are the words or phrases of a book or journal article similar to that of the colloquial language?

No, rather, they are quite different from the language you use to talk or write blogs. Academic writing is thus restricted by the selection of specific words that retain the ‘formal’, ‘unbiased’ appeal all through the writing. Also, in order to use academic writing for your assignments, essays, and dissertation you need to abide by some specific conventions associated with the selection of contents, terminology used for the content, structure as well as logical flow of the writing.

In short, ideal academic writing will be:

Formal as well as unbiased: You need to maintain a formal tone all through the writing. In order to maintain the formal tone, you need to use the passive voice and avoid writing in ‘first-person’. Again, expressing your own opinion, making personalized statements will dilute the ‘formal’ appeal of your academic writing. Hence, whatever be the topic for academic writing, and whatever is your own preference is, never be biased while proceeding with academic writing.

Clear as well as precise: Make sure that you maintain clarity in your writing. The clarity of writing is the result of the clarity of thought. If you have the habit of being creative unnecessarily, remember there is no room for a conundrum in academic writing. Use simple language to provide vivid descriptions. Along with this you also need to check whether you are incorporating relevant terms or concepts to make it apt and precise, or you are beating around the bush. Be straightforward and do not make your academic writing wordy.

Well-structured and Focused: The best way to keep the logical follow of the academic writing intact is to prepare a structure first. Use headings as well as subheads as per the requirement of the topic. After that write about each of the headings as well as subheads. Here one thing should be remembered. If there is any limitation of the word, first you need to distribute the words evenly under each heading, at the time of preparing the structure. As you will write according to the heading as well as sub-heads, there will be no way left to digress from the core topic. Thus structuring will help you to be focused on the main topic and keep the logical flow of the entire academic writing intact.

Accurate Referencing:

Referencing is provided a huge weightage while preparing any academic writing. When you draft any academic writing, the most important thing is to mention the sources from which you have received relevant information. Mentioning the sources inside the paragraph, where any relevant information is incorporated, is known as ‘citing’ or ‘in-texting’, and the list of the sources attached at the end of the writing is alternatively called’ Bibliography’ or ‘list of references’. There are varying formats for referencing as well as citations. For instance MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver and so on. The guidelines for all such varying formats will be available in your university library or online sites providing referencing guides. The manual referencing can be done using relevant article available in Google scholar. However, in order to gain knowledge about website referencing and also for referencing your paper you can check out the following links.



Finally, drafting a flawless academic paper may seem difficult, as you require to conduct a lot of research and maintain a lot of protocol regarding the use of words phrases, tone, structure, referencing. However, there are online assignment providers like to provide you instant solutions for all your academic papers within a pocket-friendly budget.

Meta description: Academic writing is no more difficult! Here are some simple tricks of academic writing that will really help you to draft an apt yet logical academic writing your essay, report dissertation assignments.

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