Frequently Asked Questions

Study Help

Does Edu Web Provide all the services pertinent to study help?

Yes, we at Eduweb are always on our feet to help you with all that you need to complete your study papers, and that too with utmost care.

Why do I need to opt for assignment help from Edu web?

Study papers are of different kinds and as we all know, not always do these papers turn out to be easy. People who find it hard to handle the study papers from start to end can count on us for we extend full support so that you can complete even the most difficult of your study papers before time. Help from us means you will save your time, will be able to concentrate on your studies more, and be at peace.

Can I expect my study paper to be unique?

You can be assured that your paper will be unique because our writers put in a genuine effort to make sure that your study paper stands out from the crowd. Before delivering the paper, we make sure to go through meticulously with the screening process. Our proofreaders are agile, and the plagiarism checker that we use is highly efficient that confirms authentic and unique work.

I am having a problem donning my homework; can Edu web editors assist me?

The answer is sweet and simple, yes; of course, you can reach out to us in case you need any help with your homework. Edu web editors will be at your service always and will walk you through the whole process.

Assignment Writing

How to subject matter experts of Edu web write the assignment papers differently?

We provide genuine academic content that is 100% plagiarism-free, and of top-notch quality, we can assure you that. The entire experience of working with us will be very enriching for you because we don’t just deliver your content perfectly; we also provide enough help so that you can understand what is written in the assignment paper.

Do I need to worry about plagiarism?

At Edu Web, we know that Plagiarism is a strict no! Therefore we make sure that any academic content that we deliver is 100% plagiarism-free. For this reason, we also deploy the best Plagiarism Checker that keeps you worry-free as far as plagiarism is concerned.

What are the different kind of assignment writing services that Edu web provides?

We offer a variety of assignment writing services, listed down below:
• Dissertation reports
• CDR reports
• Resume
• Study Notes
• Proofreading and editing
• Sample Solutions
• Essays
• Blogs

Can you tell me about the citation style that you guys follow?

We follow different citation styles as per your requirement and the assignment specification. Currently, we follow all the well-known styles such as APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, and IEEE, to name a few.

Knowledge Hub

How proficient the Edu web editors are as far as the understanding of topics is considered?

We work with some of the best subject matter experts who have an immense understanding of a wide range of subjects. They not only go through the topics mentioned by you attentively but also carry out extensive research to perfect your assignment paper with proper referencing and citations while making minimal mistakes. Note that we cannot guarantee zero mistakes in your papers because “to err is human”.

How will the Eduweb editors keep me updated on my assignment papper?

Yes, you will get all the help that you need pertaining to knowledge transfer, everything that you need to know will be provided.

Will I get sample solutions if I ask for them?

Sample solutions are meant to help you immensely, and that is why we have included this in our services so that you can seamlessly complete your assignment paper. If you need more help, you can reach out to our team at any given point in time because your convenience is our happiness.

How will eduweb editors make essay persuasive?

The vital factor that guides the persuasiveness of an essay is knowing all the facets of a debate or argument pertinent to the topic of your essay. The Eduweb editors ensure to make your essay convincing and complete by considering the counter-arguments and negating those. The process of presenting arguments and counter-arguments will fortify your essay. Furthermore, this will prove that your knowledge and understanding of the subject are very strong. Therefore, all the parts of your essay will turn out meaningful and, by default, persuasive.

Accordion Item

Proofreading & Editing

Can I get a sample edit from team Edu web?

Yes, we will provide you a sample edit, provided you meet all the terms and conditions related to getting the sample edit. Upon getting the sample edit, you will have a clear understanding of how good the editor’s writing and editing skills are. Moreover, if you want you can ask questions and clarify doubts (if any) this is the best phase to get all those sorted.

Will I receive a proofreading certificate?

Do you want a proofreading certificate? We will give it to you but prior to that follow a few simple steps.

  • After getting your complete assignment paper delivered, you have to mail us your order number.
  • Mention your name in full.

Mention the detailed topic you asked us to work on.

Can I be sure that my document will be 100 original?

Yes, there are no second thoughts about this. Your document will be 100% original and plagiarism-free.

How speedy will Edu web proofread my assignment paper?

It solely depends upon your requirement if you want it fast we can deliver it as fast as possible and if you have time nothing like it! However, the standard time that we take to proofread 1000 words is roughly 2 hours (including research)

Turnitin Check

How precisely does the Turnitin check work?

Turnitin is a plagiarism checking tool that is highly efficient. It tallies 70 billion web pages and approximately 69 million scholarly journals or research papers with your content to find out even the minute traces of plagiarism in the assignment paper. The precision of this plagiarism tool is amazing.

Can I trust the Turnitin checker?

Yes, thousands of students worldwide rely upon the effectiveness of the Turnitin plagiarism checker. Effectiveness is not the only factor that makes this tool so attractive, there is more. Turnitin does not keep your files saved in their database. After you are done with checking the documents, you can delete the files if you like.

Why is using Turnitin checker worthwhile?

It is very difficult to find sections that have been copied from other sources; Turnitin does the job for you. Other plagiarism checkers fish out only 5% of plagiarized sections, while Turnitin can detect 24% of plagiarized sections, and this is a remarkable performance.

Will the Turnitin checker save my time?

Yes, Turnitin will save a lot of your precious time by helping you find out the plagiarized sections really quickly. It will further help you to carry out a detailed analysis of your content by analyzing the paragraphs, sentences, even words, for that matter.

CDR writing

What kind of services are provided by the Edu web as far as CDR writing concern?

We will write your detailed CDR report:

  • Resume
  • Ongoing professional growth
  • Detailed career episodes
  • Comprehensive summary statement
Why should I avail myself of the CDR writing services from Edu web?

A CDR report is a vital way of documenting all your professional accomplishments. In a country like Australia, it is considered to be the bedrock of the Australian Skilled Labour Migration framework. So, if you are planning on getting a job in the sector, then you must have a well-written and well-structured CDR report with all the relevant information that fits your flourishing career. In this regard, Eduweb is there to help you because writing an awesome CDR report is our strong suit. Furthermore, we provide end-to-end services pertaining to CDR writing including scrupulous proofreading and editing.

How impeccably will my career episodes be calculated?

If we go by the standard rule, at least three career episodes must be elucidated for better prospects. The career episodes section will talk at length about your responsibilities, job role, accomplishments, tasks carried out by you successfully in the past or recently, and more. Our writers will include all the facets of your bright career and illuminate this section with the same. Now, we can guarantee you that not a single aspect will be left out because your success means the world to us.

What can I do if I have already written my CDR report but not sure about its quality or structuring?

You can always ask for our help. We will go through your CDR report and point out the mistakes (if any) so that you can present a nicely written CDR report before your employers and impress them.

24/7 Student Help

Who will answer my query, if I have any, after the completion of my project?

You can mail us to for any query that you have. We will get back to you with a viable solution in no time.

Will I get complete support from the team of editors at Edu web if my document runs into a problem?

In case, your file runs into a problem, do not hesitate to reach out to us at, we will try to mitigate your problem asap!

Will the live chat representative will be available to guide me 24/7?

Yes, our live chat representative will be available to guide you 24/7. You can shoot all your questions to the representative, and be rest assured that you will receive relevant replies.

If I drop a mail mentioning all my queries, how fast can I expect an answer from the team?

The team will try to get in touch with you within 1 to 2 hours (approximately) irrespective of what your query is.

SOP writing

Why should I take help from Edu Web for sop writing?

At Eduweb we make sure that your statement of purpose is crisp, clear, well-worded, and to the point. We don’t beat around the bush rather focus on what the college or the university must know about you so that their judgment in no way comes out as a flawed one. We know that you deserve the best and we make that happen by composing a bold, convincing, and engaging SOP that will be one of your prized possessions for sure.

Why is the statement of purpose vital for me?

Statement of purpose sheds light on every little detail of your career. It talks about your accomplishments, good grades, your skills, strengths, weaknesses, failures, expectations, and more. Basically, it is a detailed report of who you are and what you want to become. The interesting part is SOP is required in many fields such as if you are applying to get into your dream college you will need an SOP, or if you want to join as an intern in a company or if you are applying for a job, you will or might need SOP, business houses need SOP to keep their employees motivated, Ph.D. scholars need SOP to apply for a job at any research center, and so on. The utility of SOP should never be underestimated. It is not just a write-up; rather, what you write inside decides what you are. So, SOP is utterly crucial for those who are serious about their career.

Could you tell me something about the experience with Edu web as far as Sop writing concern?

We can assure you that your experience is going to be quite enriching with us. You will receive a well-structured, well-worded, crisp, and detailed SOP illuminating all your accomplishments, expectations, story, weaknesses, and more. We have experts who can write vocal SOPs ensuring eloquence, and gravity at the same time. We know how vital this is for you which is why we take utmost care to write a convincing SOP that will grab your readers’ attention. Furthermore, our editors and proofreaders make sure to go through your SOP exhaustively to ensure there is not a single mistake in your write-up. We know how a single mistake can affect your career. So, we take all possible measures to avoid any sort of mistake. Your SOP written by us will provide a clear idea of how SOPs should be written. Following which you can write on your own in the future.

We are covering so many aspects all at once. First, we are writing an amazing SOP for you; second, we are checking your SOP meticulously to keep mistakes at bay; third, we are providing you with a viable reference that you can use to write any such document, say, a cover letter, in the future. For an all-rounder service, Eduweb is your best bet.