BUS301 - Integrated Capstone Project

BUS301 - Integrated Capstone Project Project Plan +First Progress Report+Second Progress Report+Final Report and Presentation Capstone Project - Project Plan and Presentation The presentation should show the concise plan on how to achieve the following outcomes in their capstone project. The following emphasis should be made in their presentation: • Identification of the professional accounting, management and/or public relations issues to be considered in the project • How to complete the research for the chosen project including appropriate analysis and justification • What would be the key secondary data and how the data sources can be discovered for the project &bul...Show More

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1.0. Introduction The second research report will reflect the further challenges that I faced during the Underarmour project report. To explain it I will highlight the advance level of research where Ihave to analyze the pivotal issues of the popular footwear company, Under Armour. Duringthe process, I faced managerial implications, organizational structure implications, financialand accounting implications and public relations implications and so on. Therefore, theproblems related to the subjects will be discussed comprehensively in the progress report(Ashkenas, et al., 2015).