MGT306 Strategic Management Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment Unit: MGT306 – Strategic Management Assignment Task Assume, you are planning to start up a business of your choice. Please prepare a 5 year business plan with following headings Executive Summary Business Environment Vision, Mission and goals Products and services Business, organisation and finance structures Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis Premises, plant and equipment Information systems and telecommunications Intellectual property, licences and memberships Insurances Goals, milestones, strategies Goals and milestones Marketing Sales Customer management and retention Pricing Suitable business strategy Busine...Show More

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1.0. Introduction A good business plan will help owner to build a structure in every stage. The business ideamay use available resource or hire new resources. This business model will conduct usetraditional business approach which is very detailed and comprehensive. Most of theleaders follow this model.