HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise Individual Assignment

HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise Individual assignment Case Study – Bell Studio Assignment Specifications Background You are recently employed as a business analyst at Bell Studio, an Adelaide-based wholesaler of art supplies. Bell Studio sources its inventories from manufacturers in Australia, China, Japan and New Zealand. The company has a centralised accounting system with networked terminals at different locations. Bell Studio’s expenditure cycle procedures are described as follow: Purchases System The process begins when the purchasing clerk checks the inventory subsidiary ledger at his/her computer terminal each morning. When the quan...Show More

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Bell Studio is a well-known wholesaler for art supplies and is Adelaide-based. Theorganisation has its inventory sources from manufacturers across New Zealand, China,Japan and Australia. The organisation includes a centralised account system and is networked at various locations. Bell Studio has expanded its business and includes various transaction cycles like revenue system, payroll system and others. The otherimportant business functions are the financial reporting, management and e-commerce system. The risks and security measures for e-commerce system and ERP system are all elaborated in the report.