PRS305 Corporate Communications & Public Relations

PRS305 Corporate Communications & Public Relations ASSESSMENT 1 - REPORT 1. THE TASK You have been appointed as a consultant to report directly to Ms. Mary Lee, Proprietor of Mary’ s Aussie Adventures Tours. The company conducts a number of different activities, including tours of the outback. The company's main clients are international tourists, particularly Asians. Mary's Aussie Outback Adventures Tours operates from Sydney, Australia. It has an administration department, which answers queries from potential clients and prepares corporate communications & advertising material as well as doing the normal administrative tasks, and a team of tour guides. Mary has identifie...Show More

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Introduction To work as an effective team, one need to grow an efficient team-based communication.There are multiple advantages of efficient team-based communication that can assist thebusiness become highly productive. The report highlights about the consultant who has todirectly report to the corporate communications with advertisement material that is forworking on the normal administrative tasks.