ACCG922 Information Systems for Competitive Advantage

ACCG922 Information Systems for Competitive Advantage: Case Study Analysis: Google Due Week 5 (Sunday 1st April 2018) NB. Extension due to public holiday Extension: Wednesday 4th April 2018 Value: 15 per cent of final marks Case Study Report: Google Instructions 1) Read the above Case Study first (This case study is also available in the units textbook – Chapter 1. 2) Do some of your own research on google as an organization (NB. Googles parent company is now called Alphabet) You may also want to consider using the Multisearch option from MQ Library. 3) In your report, please ensure to embed these questions: a. How is Google’s mission statement related to its business strategy? b...Show More

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Introduction The report will discuss in detail about the company Google and its business strategy. Theinternal capacities of the firm along with many external factors that impact how thesecapacities are used will be discussed in the report. The fact that the company is a leadingcoming especially in case of online advertising. In addition, the company has become one of the world most trusted brands. But, to stay on a path of success, the company must deal withvarious threats lies in front of them and also exploiting all the options at the same time(Bharadwaj et al., 2013). The report also discusses the need of the company to continue with different efforts in dealing with the threats for the business and after dealing with all the options, it is important to exploit the strengths and increase the level of performance based onthe problem areas which the company is facing.