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There should be a holistic approach towards writing anything that can be a literary piece or a dissertation report or short articles for journals, short stories and more. It is not as simple as it seems like because apart from jotting down all your ideas and concepts on a piece of paper which is just the starting point of creating something genuine and praiseworthy, you have to keep the structure correct. The readers must connect with your written work to fully understand it and for that, your content needs to appear convincing. At the same time you must abide by the set norms of writing because none of us have the privilege to not follow the conventions.

In a nutshell, all of this might feel a lot overwhelming so, do not forget us, you will need us! The ace editors at Eduweb will keep all your worries at bay by extending their full support in completing your assignment while prioritizing your concepts, ideas, rules, and regulations so that when you submit your papers you can keep calm and be confident.

Our exceptional team of proofreaders and editors will work on all kinds of assignments to keep you ahead always!

  • Dissertation reports
  • Blogs
  • Admission Essays
  • Books
  • Academic papers
  • Theses
  • PhD. Dissertations

Please note that our editors will be able to handle the papers in English only and in no other language.

Proofreading & Editing service

With our seamless, end-to-end editing and proofreading services, you can be at peace regarding the completion of your writing assignments because your success is what we strive to achieve while keeping your privacy at the top.

Eduweb editors are adept writers who have immense knowledge in different subjects. The experts are deployed to edit and proofread your assignments in order to assure maximum perfection.

Qualities of our editors

  • They have completed graduation and post graduation from renowned universities.
  • Adept writers.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of different subjects.
  • They are native speakers.

Our editors are picked for the job after they have gone through various stages of screening which makes sense because we want the best for you! Hence quality is something that we cannot compromise on.

How will our editor serve your purpose?

Our editors are well-versed in the art of finding out mistakes in your content. So, when you provide a piece they meticulously go through the entire piece and provide their feedback using the “track changes” feature in MS Word. They also provide comments wherever necessary. Furthermore, you will receive great insights regarding how you can hone your writing skills to become better.

Correct your problem with language Correct your Problem with style Comment

Our editors will find out any kind of error in spelling, typos, silly mistakes, wrong hyphenation.

Our editors will make the tone as well as your style better by correcting language that is subjective, omitting taboo words, wordy sentences, redundant sentences, and too much passive voice.

Writing is a serious undertaking because you have to keep the meaning clear. Our editors will leave their valuable comment wherever they find that the meaning is not clear.

The syntax of a sentence is crucial because it carries the meaning. Our editors will correct the syntax wherever necessary. In case of any grammatical error, the editor will detect it and correct it.

Our editors follow all the conventions related to writing. If your piece doesn’t follow the conventions, they ensure to correct it.

Editors provide in-text tips and advice to help you perform better. They keep you updated regarding the grammatical rules, and more.

We do not take punctuation seriously while writing. But do you know, the meaning of a sentence can change entirely if the punctuation is wrong? So, to make the sentences complete and correct, our editors put in effort to correct the punctuations such as commas, semicolons, colons, question mark, exclamation mark, and more.

Consistency is something you just cannot avoid. If you write a piece in 1st person, you have to maintain the flow accordingly. Dialect is yet another vital factor that must be kept in mind so our editors make painstaking effort in keeping the flow and the dialect streamlined.

Our editors will guide you on the path of improvement because that is the lookout to help you improve continually.

Every time you avail yourself of our services, you will receive proofreading and editing services complementary. You can customize your options as far as editing is concerned. Suppose you are looking for a more comprehensive service then there are provisions to select options pertinent to your requirement.


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Checking the Structure

Not worried about the structure of the paper? You are making a grave mistake because it is yet another vital factor that directly contributes to the overall appearance of your assignment paper. Now, the job of our editor is to see whether you have structured your piece properly or not while keeping all the information in place. In case of any problem with the structure, the editor will provide in-text tips on the same. You will also get a structure check report if you ask for it.

In-text suggestions

The editor holds the power to change sentences and paragraphs if the matter that you have written does not convey the proper meaning. Furthermore, the editor can merge or insert paragraphs, sentences, new words, remove repetitions, and more. Moreover, an editor, if need be, can provide in-text suggestions:

  • They will confirm if the chapters are in conjunction with the essence of the topic.
  • If there is a lot of redundant information.
  • The merit of the content and whether it is relevant to the topic or not.
  • Structure of each paragraph.
  • Whether the numeration of tables and figures are done correctly or not.
  • The key takeaways from each chapter as well as sections.

Why will you need the structure check report?

The purpose of a structure check report is to facilitate the detection of any missing element in any of the chapters or sections. Structure check report is also needed for improvement of writing. The report will tell you where you are lagging and that’s how you can improve for the better.

  • Abstract

    This part will tell your readers what is inside your research paper, in a nutshell. It is basically a gist of the whole topic you have discussed in your assignment paper.

  • Relevance

    An abstract also tells the readers why the assignment paper is so important. What vital points are going to be discussed? You have to be vocal about it through your abstract because your readers need to understand and connect with it.

  • Reviewing the literature

    If you want to bridge the gap between paragraphs, then including transitions can work wonders for you. It is a very good way to give your readers a breather because as it is the assignment paper is pretty long. Including these would mean you are making your paper easier to understand and consistent.

  • Results

    After you have included a brief introduction, it is better to cut to the chase and put forth the results right away.

  • Deliberation

    In this section readers are expecting you to discuss the results and the interpretation of the same. You can establish, in this section, how the result is connected to the topic; you can also point at the outcome of the results, and talk at length about what makes the research so important.

  • Conclusion

    This section is usually short and sweet. Here you do not have to provide any detail that is not essential. You have made everything abundantly clear in the whole paper itself, now you are just closing your case. Hence, make it short and crisp.

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Checking for Clarity

You need to know how logical your assignment paper has turned out right? This is the reason why clarity checking is done by our editors to provide a clear picture to you regarding how logical your concept is, arguments are, presentation is, and more.

What is the role of an Eduweb Editor here?

  • The Eduweb editor will put in rational text that will speak for itself.
  • He/she will ensure the proper presentation of your concepts, ideas, and arguments.
  • Will provide some insights on how logical your argument is.
  • If the editor feels there is contradictory argument and counter-argument in your paper then he/she will point those out for your better understanding.

Eduweb editors always provide their valuable suggestions within the text itself, using in-text comments. If you want, you can ask for clarity check checklists as well. You will receive a clarity check checklist based on two factors: logic of the text and the clarity of the text.

Clarity Checklists

  • When your text is logical from the beginning till the end:

    Editor’s feedback: The assignment paper is clear, the concepts are clear, arguments are on point, and what you are trying to convey is lucid. The scope of media has been clearly portrayed; journalism is indeed the fourth pillar of democracy. You have done a fantastic job!

  • When there is logic in the argument but not enough evidence to corroborate the claim

    Feedback editor: You have written that democracy is a farce in India but there are not enough authentic references to corroborate your claim. My advice to you is; carry out in-depth research and incorporate some authentic sources that will support your statement, this way your statement will be more acceptable to people.

  • When the information is not presented in a logical way

    Feedback editor: The readers who will go through your assignment paper do not know what is inside. Remember, that they are reading it for the first time so, you have to be precise and to the point when it comes to validating your point with proper arguments. For instance, when you are using terms such as “oligarchy” and “fascism” you must explain the terms to your readers so that they can fathom the importance and can have a clear idea of the concept that you are talking about. Also, you can share authentic references that have been carried out on the topic that you are handling, this way your readers will get a grasp on the topic. Hence, the understanding will also be better.

  • When your content is self contradictory

    Feedback editor: In As per the section 5.2, some people said that they were not satisfied with the improvidence of the government however, your conclusion says that each one of your respondents thought the government is proactive, and the measures taken are meant for the benefit of the people. I recommend you go through the points again and try to come up with something more consistent, else consider correcting the points.

  • What purpose is your assignment paper serving? This must be clarified through and through

    Feedback editor: I think you should cut to the chase and make the purpose of your assignment paper clear from the early phase itself. You should focus on how to present the arguments in a more systematic manner so that the readers can connect with your hypothesis.

  • The important facets of your assignment paper need to be clear

    Feedback editor: Yes, I agree that you have elucidated on the important facets but the issue is you have not quite included a definite conclusion that will define all the facets precisely. I can strongly suggest you to go through my comment on page 47.

  • The conclusion must be lucid

    Feedback editor: Very well-structured and correctly elucidated paper with a decisive conclusion, you have done a great job!

  • The arguments, counter-arguments, and methods to draw a decisive conclusion must be cogent

    Feedback editor: In Your assignment paper is complete in the truest sense of the term, well done!

  • Precise and well-described terms

    Feedback editor: In The terms are correctly described and well-positioned. However, try to do it in the beginning.

  • Other important information pertaining to the limitations of the study need to be clarified in proper light

    Feedback editor: In Please include the limitations of your topic to project it in the proper light. Readers must understand what the limitations and problems are to fully gauge the merit of your topic. It will not only make your topic appear convincing but also will be more acceptable because a topic devoid of imperfections is a myth.


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Layout Checking

Role of my Eduweb editor:

  • Will prepare a list on content
  • Will prepare a list of figures and tables
  • Will check the formatting of each paragraph
  • Will number the pages properly

How will my editor check the layout?

While uploading the assignment paper, you have to mention the points that require our attention and we will help you accordingly.


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Reference layout Check

The experts at Eduweb who carry out the reference layout check are well-versed in the sphere. They make sure that all the referencing techniques are in place and the formatting of the paper is done correctly. Our editors follow the well-known referencing styles such as APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, and more. They also abide by the norms of the respective referencing styles.

Let us now look at what our editors will do and will not do for you.

Editor will do Editor will not do
We will refer to authentic websites and do the referencing accordingly. We will not change the content; instead we will try to enhance the meaningfulness of the assignment paper.

We will check the referencing style as per the requirement of the format.

Note - This varies from university to university, and the rules pertaining to each formatting style are different. Even your mentor can specify the formatting style, and you must let us know so that we can go forward with the assignment paper accordingly.

We will ignore the different referencing styles that are followed by different journals or books or research papers because that is not necessary.
We respect the rules of each formatting style and follow those scrupulously because the rules are vital. We will not do the referencing from the starting instead we will keep a note of everything and incorporate the needful in the end.
We will add a reference list at the end of the assignment paper. No repetition of reference sources.
We will mention every quotation in the reference list. We will not suggest any relevant anchor text for your assignment paper.
Whatever information we have gathered from different sources, we will list the names alphabetically. This list will include names of books, authors, journals, research papers, etc.
After we are done with the referencing and in-text citations, we will go through everything meticulously to identify any mistake in spellings including the names of books, journals, authors, and more.
We will copy the quotes exactly as it is and also mention the page numbers correctly while referencing the quotes (if available).

How will it work for you?

While placing the order, you can choose the reference layout check along with the layout check. It will ensure the perfection of your assignment paper.


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Citation Check

With this service, you can enhance the relevance of your reference page and in-text citation. Eduweb editors can do your work like a pro when it comes to using well-known reference styles such as Chicago, MLA, APA, IEEE, and many others.

Role of the Eduweb citation specialist

  • Will be responsible for enhancing the overall layout of the reference list.
  • Ensure that the references are done following the specified style and the respective rules.
  • Will enrich your knowledge with insightful comments and also will mention reference list entries that are not complete.
  • Keeping your reference list in mind, your editor will provide all the details that are missing as far as the in-text citations are concerned.
  • All the in-text citations will be scrutinized as per the reference list so that any missing source gets detected immediately.

How will it work for you?

While uploading the assignment paper, you have to mention the number of sources you have put in the reference list. You have to also specify the style of citation, that’s it… we’ve got this, you can sit back and relax!


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